Stupid++ runs a number of services for cool people.
To get access please:

  1. Become cool
  2. Ask me for access
  3. Make a cup of tea while I create your accounts


Stupid++ currently runs the following services:

  • Jellyfin - Movies, shows, a looooot of music.
  • Feishin - A frontend for Jellyfin music.
  • Minecraft - Server on port 25565.
  • Send - End-to-end encrypted file sharing.
  • Planka - Scrum/Kanban/Planning service.
  • Memos - Memo service.
  • Soulseek - Filesharing is illegal. You wouldn't download a house. I just use it as a social media. Ask me for the username.
  • More stuff? - If you have any reccomendations for cool stuff to host, let me know!


The server that hosts these services restarts every other day at 04:00 CEST (UTC+2).

You can check the server's status below: