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Make software silly again.
Run by Pelle.


Silly drum machine

App Store
A faithful remake of PictoChat for Windows and Android

Play Store
An engine-agnostic P2P high-level multiplayer solution written in C#
20+ games, toys and other thingiemajigs. Free of charge!
A new game!
(Fictional game)


The entirely unanticipated EP by love sella. 44.1 KHz compositions for cyberwitches/-bitches.

Kill all money: Your virtue is predispositioned.

What I've been up to (Pelle)

VibingRight now
Learning the sp404mk2, making some chai and messing up my eyeliner.
Re-hired1st of April 2024
Re-hired @ the Little Chicken Game Company as a game developer.
I'm back baby!
Released13th of Febuary 2024
Worked onLate 2023
Working on HiHi: An engine-agnostic P2P high-level multiplayer solution written in C#.
Gamejammed8th of December 2023
Made a competitive multiplayer dodgeball deathmatch game in 7 days during the 7dfps jam.
Released2nd of November 2023
Andie is released on Windows and iOS.
Crowdfunded28th of September 2023
Andie is crowdfunding on Kickstarter.
(Wasn't funded)
Graduated11th of July 2023
Graduated the Hanze UAS. I'm now an "ingenieur"!
Company'd16th of September 2022
Stupid++ is registered as a super duper officially real company.
Quit1st of September 2022
Left the Little Chicken Game Company to finish education.
Hired1st of July 2022
Hired @ the Little Chicken Game Company as a junior game developer.
Interned14th of Febuary 2022
Started internship @ the Little Chicken Game Company.
Gap in my resume
A childhood spent playing games and building weird contraptions with Legos.
Born11th of April 2001
Hello world!

Everything made with online!

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