I'm Pelle (he/they) Bruinsma. A Dutch programmer, game designer and creator of digital toys.

This is my face:

I'm pretty good at:
Game design stuff,
Multiplayer game development,
Audio programming,
Game cheat development and prevention,
Making pasta!

Here are some things I've worked on recently:

An 8 voice experimental drum machine for phones and computers.

Follow development on Twitter.
A tactical 4v4 driving game. Currently being developed by the Little Chicken Game Company.

I worked on BlitzGT as a game designer and multiplayer programmer. My day-to-day activities included the design, implementation and testing of gameplay features and writing and maintaining multiplayer code.

I originally joined work on BlitzGT as an intern and was later hired as a junior developer.
A faithful remake of PictoChat for Windows and Android.

One of my indie passion projects. Featured in a PC Gamer article by Natalie Clayton.
Every now and then I make lil' games in my free time. All of them are hosted over on
A new game!
(Fictional game)

↓ The story so far:

Hello world! Haha classic programmer joke! Hello world amirightguys? (I was born on this day.)
A childhood spent playing games and building weird contraptions with Legos.
Hired @ the Little Chicken Game Company as a junior game developer.
Left the Little Chicken Game Company to finish education.
Stupid++ is registered as a super duper officially real company.
Either coding, drinking tea, or asleep.

Everything made with online!

/ˋₒ‸ₒ´\ˢᵗᵘᵖⁱᵈ⁺⁺ EST. 2022ish