A picture of me A picture of me programming A game I worked on A picture me being smart A picture of life A picture of death A picture of me drinking tea A picture of my parents


Heyo! It’s me Pelle!

Just kidding it’s the 👨🏻‍💻 programming addicted 🎮 game designing, 🧠 super intelligence that’s only barely being kept on the verge of 🌱 life and 💀 death by the two sugar cubes in his morning ☕ tea!

Alright the second one does seem cooler... But I’m probably both!


Let’s roll the clock🕐 back to 2014, this is the year I was introduced to electronics🤖 and programming👨🏻‍💻. Getting that sweet taste of creation and seeing my visions👀 come to life🌱 got me hooked instantly.

From playing with legos👶🏻,
To playing lego games🧑🏻,
To making robots👦🏻,
To making video game cheats👨🏻‍🎓,
To making video games👨🏻‍💻.


Now quite a few years later I specialize in 🎮Unity3D, C#, javascript and believe it or not, autohotkey.

But I also know processing 3 (regular and .js), Html5, C++, CSS, C, Fl Studio, Sketchup, Adobe XD, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Arduino, PHP, AutoIt, .bat scripting, Java, Phaser, GameMakerLanguage, Visual Basic, and SQL. 😵


And I’m still learning 🤯!

I’m currently studying at the Hanze UAS in Groningen the Netherlands to acquire even more knowledge and eventually become the all consuming creator of media 🕴🏻!

Looking for a coder?:
+31 0644354294
@stupidplusplus on Instagram
Based in Groningen, the Netherlands