Energy Switcher

Energy Switcher is an educational game about sustainability in which the player manages a small island🗾.

Play🎮 the online demo here.

Super 1v1 Wizard🧙🏻‍♂️ Soccer⚽

In this game you face off against eachother in what can only be described as A super fast paced, randomized🎲 game of pong🏓.

Super 1v1 Wizard soccer is a game I made in about 24 hours during a deadline heavy period. Made using the web-based Phaser game engine. And a few premade assets from Kenney.


Relativity is a short puzzle🧩 game based on the original work by M.C. Escher.

Relativity is a game I made over the span of a few weeks, initially this project started out with me attempting to recreate the relative gravity mechanic from Super Mario Galaxy.

I did succeed at doing this but before publishing my solution I needed a good tech demo.

You could say I got a little carried away...

If you want to play relativity you can find it on

Disaster Tourist.

A short game about a robot🤖 going on a relaxing vacation.

Made during a local Game Jam called the "Scuffed Game Jam".

Made in collaboration with Sisi.

Special thanks to Kenney.

If you want to play Disaster Tourist you can find it on

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